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Welcome to the home of the TechGooch. Herein you will find quick access to all of our video reviews as well as a location to submit direct feedback, requests and comments. I will try my best to keep the site up to date with the most up to date information, and will also try to keep up with any feedback or suggestions you may have. My hope is you visit back often, and my desire is to have a more regular routine for video reviews.

Want to be part of the team, or have something to contribute, please visit the contact page and let me know. While the TechGooch YouTube Channel as well as any content I produce will always be free, I did add a Donate button on the right for those of you who might be interested in helping in the monetary fashion. Any and all help is appreciated, and any funds received will go back 100%+ back into the videos. I do my best with my limited budget as it is, and hope you enjoy the content I create.

Thanks again to those of you who have supported, subscribed and directed me down the path I am going down today. Just a little remark such as “what is that ticking sound” helps me try to make the videos I create as good as they can be. My format will be ever changing, and I hope that it only gets better each time.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy the site.

Brian – the TechGooch